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Be happy

Learn how to get HELP: Happiness, Enough, Love, and Peace.


Einstein's solution with a newer way of thinking (the golden rule)

7+2 Formula

Seven easy-to-learn word substitutions (word switches)

Teach others

Join the million teachers of Einstein's solution

About the Author

Introducing the author of this book

Donald Pet

Donald Pet, M.D., Director, The Educational Community

Donald Pet studied psychology, philosophy, and comparative religion at Johns Hopkins, learned about the body at Maryland Med School, and the mind during his psychiatry training at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was especially fortunate to be inspired by Professor Jerome Frank, world expert on the psychology of war and peace.

Dr. Pet believes that due to the creation and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that offer no second chance, informed citizens predict that unless we change the way we think, we will soon make ourselves history instead of continuing to make history.

He has created the Educational Community, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation to offer guaranteed forever FREE the mental skills that enable us to use our best to do our best. This book and additional EC web sites offer the mental skills that instantly increase happiness and love that can be made effortless with practice.